"Taketina offers a refreshment to our creative spirits. It involves rhythm and gesture, and makes patting your stomach and rubbing your head look like child’s play. In the capable hands of Henning von Vangerow and Fabian Bautz students can be sure to develop their sense of rhythm and to enjoy themselves while doing so. They are teachers of international standing. A session of Taketina leaves you smiling, exhilarated and should be freely available on the NHS! "

For me-when my attention is present,lightly-without effort -it all happens.........I feel the rhythm,my energy grounds and spirit soars.....When I fall out of rhythm-so what? I relax ,laugh and leave myself to find it again.It's pure fun;I've let go of the self-judgement......... One long-lasting effect has been to become more ambidextrous...must be freeing the control patterns of the brain.Can't be bad!"

After a Ta Te Ti Ta session I feel calm yet energised, grounded, clear minded and 'cleaned out from the inside'. I feel vibrant and happy and powerful, as if anything is possible! There is nothing else quite like Taketina. It simply has to be experienced!

Ta Ke Ti Na gets to the places that nothing else can reach! It is a fantastic way to 'work on oneself' alone and yet within a group. To gain personal insight into oneself and simultaneously further understand one's reactions to and relationships with others. To find clarity on issues without having to reveal or discuss them. What a powerful, unique and special experience!

"Taketina for me was an musical journey I would love to experience again and recommend to everyone. I must admit that when I entered the class I was overcome with embarrassment but this faded in minutes as Fabian guided the group aided with the steady drumming provided by Henning. It was great to see everyone let go and enjoy probably something they have never before. When the session was in full swing it was ever more fun when one or all lost the rhythm to regain it moments later. It was so good work colleagues have not stopped talking about it."

"After a hesitant start (having first made sure I wasn't the only one doing it!), I was soon clapping, stepping, tapping and grinning with the best of them. I found the whole experience really exhilarating, until the wind down at the end - and then I could have quite happily lay on the floor forever, I was so relaxed. The only down side - my face ached for a while afterwards due to all the smiling I had done! Looking forward to their return!!"

"Surprisingly much more enjoyable than I could ever have expected; great community feeling; will definitely go again; I attended with reservations - thought I could always drop out if I didn't like it - was really disappointed when the session ended; great fun"

"I would say once you get into the rhythm it gives you a sense of peace and its good at helping a group of people bond and grow in harmony"

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